Bulten´s state of the art surface treatment plant finally open

2023-01-31 News

After several years of planning and building, we are proud to communicate that our new top modern surface treatment facility in Radziechowy-Wieprz, Poland, now is officially opened.

This is Bulten’s biggest investment ever and the plant was built according to the time schedule and budget, even though the majority of the construction took place during the pandemic. This is a true milestone for us and a great achievement by our Polish colleagues and partners. A SPECIAL THANKS to the project team, led by Ilona Szlapa for making this reality!

The new plant includes:

  • All major types of coatings supplied to customers, both electrolytic and flake
  • All finishing operations after surface treatment, e.g. patching and plastic overmolding, as well as packaging
  • A warehouse including high degree of automation
  • Areas that can be used for expansion of other operations, e.g. cold forming and machining

Which will lead to: 

  • Lower costs due to insourcing and state-of-the-art processes
  • Shorter lead times and lower inventory
  • Lower CO₂ emissions due to shorter transportation routes and 100% renewable energy
  • Secured capacity in a very constrained European surface treatment market
  • In-house control of product quality


surface treatment facility in Radziechowy-Wieprz

surface treatment facility in Radziechowy-Wieprz