Environmental policy

Bulten is one of the leading suppliers of fasteners to the international automotive industry. Our business affects the environment and we shall conduct it with as little environmental impact that is practically possible, economically viable and always by fulfilling our compliance obligations.

Our goal is to be ranked as a leader in terms of environmental care among the world's top automotive suppliers of fasteners and related services.

With engaged employees and supplier engagement we focus on

• Energy and water consumption
• Greenhouse gas emissions
• Renewable energies
• Waste management

By focusing our efforts and by implementing improvement activities within these areas we will enhance our environmental performance and reduce our impact on the environment. We shall strive to engage our supply base and other business partners to adopt the intentions of this policy.

By continuously improving our environmental management system we enhance the environmental performance of the Bulten Group. This is done by practicing a process oriented management approach and by monitoring environmental performance of Bulten Group companies. Environmental improvements shall always be expected when investing in new facilities and equipment. These fundamentals shall give the Bulten Group a competitive advantage and contribute to sustainable development within our sphere of influence.

All business entities within the Bulten Group are responsible for implementing activity programmes based on this policy and it is each managers responsibility to comply and implement the Environmental policy locally. Each employee and contractors have a responsibility to follow this policy and local instructions and procedures.

Anders Nyström
President and CEO of the Bulten Group
September 20, 2019

environment Certificates

Site environmental scope and policy to be sent upon request. Group Environmental policy available here.

  • ISO 14001 Bulten Group 
  • ISO 14001 Bulten Tianjin
  • ISO 14001 PSM International Fasteners Co Ltd
  • ISO 14001 PSM Fasteners Asia, Taipei
  • ISO 14001 PSM International Fasteners Limited

    Occupational Health & Safety certificates

    Site occupational health & safety scope and policy to be sent upon request. Group Health and Safety policy available here