FinnvedenBulten’s Nomination Committee for 2014 AGM appointed

2013-10-24Press release

The FinnvedenBulten Annual General Meeting will be held in Gothenburg, Sweden on Tuesday 29 April 2014. Nomination committee members for the meeting have now been appointed.

The nomination committee shall, according to the AGM’s decision, consist of four members, a representative for each of the three major shareholders as at the last banking day in September who wish to appoint a member to the nomination committee and the Chairman of the Board. The three major shareholders refer to those registered and ownership-grouped by Euroclear Sweden AB as at the last banking day in September.

The nomination committee, for the 2014 Annual General Meeting, has the following composition:

  • Ulf Rosberg for Nordic Capital Fund V
  • Karl-Axel Granlund for Volito AB
  • Fredrik Grevelius for Investment AB Öresund
  • Roger Holtback, Chairman of the Board of FinnvedenBulten

The Nominating Committee represents some 57 per cent of the number of votes as of September 30, 2013. Chairman of the nomination committee will be appointed at the committee’s first meeting.

The nomination committee will prepare proposals for the 2014 Annual General Meeting including proposals for the Chairman of the AGM, number of members of the board appointed at shareholders’ meetings, chairman and other members of the board of directors appointed at meetings of the board of directors, fee and other remuneration to each of the members of the board appointed at meetings of the shareholders and to members of the committees of the board of directors, auditors and auditors’ fees.

Shareholders wishing to submit proposals to the nomination committee may do so in writing, no later than 21 February 2014, by e-mail to the Chairman of the Board of FinnvedenBulten,, or by regular mail to the following address.

FinnvedenBulten AB (publ)
Att: Nomination Committee
Box 9148
S – 400 93 Göteborg, Sweden

For further information, please contact:

Roger Holtback, Chairman of the Board FinnvedenBulten
Tel: + 46 (0)31-10 70 90, e-mail:

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