Maintaining high, consistent quality in processes and products is crucial in winning new orders and securing strong, profitable growth.

Vehicle designs and vehicle engines are constantly evolving and becoming more complex, resulting in increasing demands on components.

A passenger car consists of 25 to 50 kilos of fasteners, representing approximately 400 unique part numbers. Defective or faulty components may result in costly recalls of parts or all units sold of the vehicle model affected. For global OEMs with most of the world as their market, a recall can have dramatic consequences and result in considerable financial and goodwill losses. Our ability to deliver consistently high quality is therefore vital if we are to retain our customers, both in the automotive industry and with our other customers.


Bulten works systematically with continuous improvement of its processes and ways ofworking. Our production units have IATF 16949 certification and are all covered by our ISO 9001 certificate. Making quality our highest priority ensures that not only our own expectations are met, but also those of customers and owners. We work systematically to improve quality at every stage of the value chain, and to a large extent this work focuses on preventing faults and non-compliance.


One important aspect of our recipe for success is to set challenging goals and apply a structured work approach. Internally, we continually monitor key figures for production, markets and purchasing. We work together with our external suppliers to develop their quality results and processes. The choice of standardized working methods ensures continued improvement, continuity and a position as world class in the fastener industry.

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