Once that is done with what, how and how much it is time to think about when. Logistics is the final leg of our production cycle, and the final factor in our assessment of overall quality. The financial and logistic considerations make time an important factor. With proper project planning, it is easy to see exactly when the customer will need exactly what parts, and this makes it possible to get the best possible deal to the best possible cost delivered at the right time.

Bulten - Logistics

An important aim is to create an optimised sales process, in which short lead times, efficient component flows to customers and low levels of stocks play a crucial role. The logistics flow of Bulten’s product range is complex. Depending on where the customer is located material flows through one or more of Bulten logistics centers.

There is also a comprehensive flow of semimanufactures and components between the various production units, logistics centres and sub-suppliers. In many cases, further product refinement is performed through the integration of Bulten’s fasteners with components from external suppliers. The fasteners which Bulten does not produce in-house include, for example, nuts, washers, clamps and plastic components, are purchased from third parties. The end product is distributed to the customer from one of these logistics centres, in many cases located near the customers’ facilities.

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