As a technology leader, we always operate at the forefront together with our customers. Our vast experience with fasteners enables us to advise our customers about functionalities beforehand and also to perform tests in our well-equipped laboratory.

Bulten Services - Testing

Moreover, as a full-service provider we have experienced engineers that are working close to our customers. The engineering work strives to find the best solutions for all applications available.

The industry often requires help in problem-solving for new applications and support for new development. Bulten can offer testing at our global R&D department, anything from a full application analysis into reassuring enough clamp load in a bolted joint.

Examples of other tests that Bulten can offer:

  • Friction test
  • Tensile test
  • Corrosion test

Our constant focus is on finding the optimum solution for the customer, and we do so in cost-efficient and sustainable ways.

Bulten Services - Testing

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