Meet Ilona Szlapa


“Bulten places great emphasis on enabling its personnel to develop.”

Ilona SzŁapa, Project Manager for development and operation of the new surface treatment department in Radziechowy-Wieprz, Poland.

I’ve worked in the fastener segment for the past ten years and joined Bulten in autumn 2016. I’m a qualified engineer, and during my first year with Bulten I completed my doctoral thesis in the field of surface treatment. My thesis has been an ongoing challenge since 2013 so it was tremendously satisfying to finally complete it. It’s basically about the mechanical durability of corrosion protection in fasteners.

The reason I was interested in Bulten was partly because the company is a major global player with a lot of exciting customers worldwide. I also knew that Bulten places great emphasis on enabling their personnel to develop, and that appealed to me.

My job focuses on setting up the new surface treatment department at the plant in Poland: building up the unit, being responsible for layout, making sure the equipment ends up in the right place, and eventually starting it all up. It’s a great challenge and my thesis work comes in really useful.