Bulten's Annual Report voted best in Sweden

2018-10-09 News

Bulten's Annual Report 2017 has been voted as the best report in Sweden, amongst companies listed at Nasdaq Stockholm Mid Cap.

The award Sweden's Best Annual Report has been handed out since the mid-60s and is presented by FAR, Nasdaq Stockholm, The Swedish Society of Financial Analysts and The Swedish Association of Communication Professionals. A jury has reviewed all Swedish companies' annual reports on Nasdaq Stockholm have been reviewed by a jury who has appointed Bulten as the winner in the Mid Cap class.

The jury’s motivation: In the Mid Cap class, it was a rather easy decision to appoint the engineering company Bulten as winner. The company, which is a supplier of fasteners to the automotive industry, provides in its annual report an easily accessible and comprehensive description of its operations. The text sections are relatively short and easy to accommodate for a wide group of readers without leaving out important information.

The jury also highlighted the risk section, trends as well as the presentations of the value chain, success factors, strategies, business model and sustainability. A special plus is also given to the educational description of completed investments over the last five years.

Foto: Sigrid Malmgren