As Bulten increases its degree of refinement with more extensively assembled fasteners, the need to maintain control over the supply chain and create economies of scale also increases. Purchasing is managed at three levels: strategic, tactical, and operational. The aim of these levels is to establish a global purchasing strategy that governs how we act locally.


Purchasing is based on a geographical per­spective, and on the degree of value refinement. The global purchasing strategy ensures that our local units use the suppliers who are familiar with and understand our needs, assure contrac­ tual terms and also create economies of scale. This level-based approach affords us a local establishment close to customers, as well as a strong position in negotiations thanks to our size.


Almost 40% of our sales come from out­sourced production, which alongside our own production and further refinement evolves into total solutions. The parts we buy are compo­nents that require other production equipment and/or are needed in too low a volume to be profitable in our own production.