By delivering the right screw for the right joint and ensuring they can be assembled efficiently, we reduce the customer’s total cost. Develop­ment is more significant and the impact greater when that development takes place specifically for automotive manufacturers’ global platforms. So that we can offer complete fastener solutions, we supplement proprietary production develop­ment with licensed manufacturing of fastener concepts, such as Taptite 2000®.


We create added value and benefit for the customer by being a proactive partner with full control through the whole value chain. The total cost of fasteners, known as the In-Place Cost or IPC can be optimized when we can influence every single parameter.


Our own development center

We have our own Bulten Advanced Technology Center (BATC) in Gothenburg, Sweden, with specialist expertise in chemistry, physics, engineering, technical design and production. This expertise is used for product development, which includes cold forging, friction calculation, surface treatment and strength. Quality assur­ance with traceability is conducted through detailed testing and structured documentation.


Development also takes place in connection with each production unit.